Stories of Hope

Vocational Course Transformed Krishna Dhansolkar From A Struggler To A Successful Car Mechanic

Introducing success story of Krishna, who from an ordinary lad, became a successful car mechanic; with the able support and guidance of Centre for Education and Development Program (CEDP) Trust.

Krishna Dhansolkar’s father’s demise was an unfortunate incident for him and his family. Living in a small room they struggled to arrange for the ends meet. With no support, his mother took up the petty jobs of domestic helps in neighborhood to provide for the basic necessities. Krishna and his family have seen many ups and downs and have gone through trying times.

Amidst this tough struggle Krishna managed to clear his SSC exam, but could not continue his education further due to financial constraints.  His mother being a domestic worker they always had limited resources. Krishna wanted to become a helping hand to his mother at the earliest. He was eager to fight with the situation and in the bargain could do well for him and his mother.

His quest of decent earnings kept him on toe for the search of better alternative and avenues, but limited education hindered his goal.

His uncle advised him to take on a skill based course and briefed him about CEDP Trust, which offers Skill based training and education to underprivileged of the society through various types of vocational courses. Krishna also well aware about his socioeconomic background, realized that without skill he won’t be able to fight with poverty.

He visited the CEDP Skill Institute suggested by his uncle. CEDP has various courses to offer, the counsellors at the centre guided him and he came to a decision that automobile will be a beneficial course for him, and enrolled him for the automobile course at CEDP Skill Institute.

After scrutiny and verifying his financial status, the Trust wing of CEDP sponsored the education of Krishna at their Centre. CEDP through its trust, helps underprivileged or those who are not so financially sound in obtaining vocational education at their centre for free or at a minimal price in order to help them in becoming self-sustainable.

With firm determination, hard work & able guidance and support from the qualified staff at the CEDP Skill Institute, Krishna completed the course with good grades; he also got good exposure about the automobile industry through training programmes scheduled by CEDP on a regular basis.

Presently, he is working with Century Rayon for their production unit at Shahad, Kalyan. Krishna feels that the automobile course at CEDP Skill Institute has helped him to know about the automobile industry in depth and the hands on experience through on the job training during the course is helping him in his current task.

He is drawing a handsome five figure salary i.e. Rs. 10,000 per month. Krishna is confident that with passage of time and experience by his side; he will be able to climb the promotion ladder, both in terms of designation and monthly salary. His goal is to be a successful and famed car mechanics and carved a niche for himself in this dynamic and ever growing industry.

Becoming Self Reliant Through Vocational Means

Presenting the story of Surekha Patil, who with the help of Centre for Education and Development Programmes Trust(CEDP) fulfilled her dream of becoming self-reliant.

Hailing from a remote town of Titwala, Surekha Patil a single women living with her parents always wanted to lead an independent life without becoming a burden to anyone. Daughter of a retired police constable, Surekha remained unmarried.

In terms of education she is just SSC passed, so for her to search for a well-paying job was a tedious task. Lack of proper education and dearth of quality job at her vicinity was a barrier for her in achieving the goal of self-sufficient life.

Post the retirement of her father they managed four square meals, but meeting other necessity of life was difficult. Being a woman of aspiration she was always looking for opportunity of upgrading herself to master a skill which would pay her good return.

She came across the CEDP Skill Institute and learnt about different types of courses and result oriented curriculum offered by them.

She made a visit to the head office of CEDP Skill Institute, inquired about the courses which was suitable for her & would help her in earning a respectable job profile and a sufficient pay scale.

The counselors of CEDP Skill Institute guided her and finally she decided that nursing course would be better for her as a career option.

Arranging course fee was an issue for her, but her zeal and determination to do something good for her was at its zenith. Then she approached the social wing of CEDP Skill Institute, CEDP Trust which lend a helping hand to this lady of self-respect and enrolled her for the Nursing course at one of its branch at a subsidized fee.

The in-depth knowledge of nursing professional coupled with the hands on training provided by the staff of CEDP Skill Institute helped her to complete the course with flying colors.

She mastered all the traits and etiquettes required to be successful in her career of choice. The Nursing Aide course at CEDP also helped her in inculcating personality development, soft skills, better communication, people welfare, decision making etc.

After successfully completing the course and the mandatory on field training, the HR department of the CEDP Skill Institute arranged a suitable placement for her.

Surekha got a job at Kusum Hospital at Dombivali, earning a decent monthly salary. She does her work with great interest and is satisfied with the development in her life.

More importantly is successful in realizing her dream of a self-reliant life. With the amount she earns she not only takes good care of her but also of the other important needs of the family.

Neha Ghankutkar Achieved What She Dreamt Despite limited Means

For people living in social economic backwardness, life alone is a long struggle. There is constant struggle to make for the ends meet; forgoing other important and necessary things behind. Neha Ghankutkar belonging to one such family literally fought all odds and emerged winner in the bargain.

Neha Ghankutkar, lives with her family at humble area in Sewri. Her Father works as a labor and mother is a house wife. Her brother is a student of SYBCOM. She had to give up her studies after 12th as her father could not afford educating of both, Neha and her brother.

It was a tough decision for her, but realizing the predicament of her father she gave up her dreams of higher education. She was a firm believer that it’s only education which can change the fortune. She knew, if not for education, she cannot get a chance to uplift herself and family.

How to educate herself? From where to manage the resources? She was constantly thinking on this line. What small term course to enroll for that will help her to be self-reliant and will make her a helping hand of her father in managing day to day affairs of the family.

She came across Centre for Development and Educational Programmes (CEDP). For Neha, CEDP was like a light of hope in the darkness. She visited the institute, where she got to know about different courses, which she can enroll for and later can earn a decent living.

After understanding all the available courses, she finally decided to opt for Diploma in Medical Lab Technician (DMLT) as a career option.

Arranging fee for the selected course was a big challenge for her. She explained her condition to the CEDP management, after scrutiny they found that Neha literally is in financial crunch. Thus the Trust wing of CEDP sponsored Neha for studying DMLT at their centre.

Neha Ghankutkar availed the maximum out of this. For her this was a chance, a platform to elevate herself and be a contributing hand towards her family. She gave 100 percent of her and mastered all the traits and etiquettes required to be successful in her career of choice. The course at CEDP inculcated in her personality development, soft skills, better communication, people welfare, decision making etc. After successfully completing the course and the mandatory on field training, the HR department of the CEDP Skill Institute arranged a suitable placement for her.

Neha got a job at Nerulkar lab at Nana chowk (Grant Road), earning a decent monthly salary. She does her work with great interest and is satisfied with the development in her life.

With the amount she earns, she not only takes good care of her but also of the other important needs of the family.

Like Neha there are many examples who have benefited from the mission of CEDP Trust, i.e. to educate, empower and employ those in need.

Timely Support From CEDP Trust Helped Nafija Live A Dignified Life

Nafija Sayed Hasan, married, stays with her parents at Sewree, Mumbai.

Nafija’s husband is based out of Mumbai, doing petty job, but his earnings are not enough to meet the financial requirements of the day. Even parents of Nafija are not financially sound to take care of her and her daughter.

Her father, a plumber by profession, is not able do job on regular basis due to his falling health. With each passing day managing financial affairs was getting tougher. Nafija’s siblings had to discontinue their studies due to financial reasons. Nafija a HSC pass-out, was worried with regards to her future, her daughter’s schooling and also about the condition of her family.

In the quest of doing something in order to help her and her parents, Nafija took job of hair-clip making at home, but that did not materialise as it would take much of her time and the reimbursement was very little.

After the failure of the hair-clip job, she was totally dejected and had lost the confidence. From a reliable source she got to know about CEDP Trust and various vocational courses that they impart to the students; how they help the students in placements and job search.

Nafija visited CEDP institute and inquired about various courses available.

After thorough counselling, the counsellors at CEDP guided her and advised her about DMLT. Even she had developed an inclination for the DMLT course.

She was not able to arrange for the course fee, she discussed this with the CEDP staff. CEDP trust financed her course fee and admitted her for DMLT vocational course at one of the CEDP branches.

She took keen interest in the academics, she also got training in English spoken language and personality development, thus CEDP helped her to become an asset. Through the efforts of CEDP HR department, she got an opportunity as a lab technician as part of an on job training, she was paid a stipend of Rs.1000/-

She gave her hundred percent, observed things very carefully and paid full attention in her work, soon she learned the techniques and qualities required to excel in her field.

After the on job training, she got a full time lab technician job, at Sairaj Hospital, by the efforts of HR department of CEDP. Her starting salary was Rs.9000.

Nafija a sincere and hardworking student is thankful to CEDP trust and the staff there for helping her in getting a decent and well-paying job.

In future she wants to start her own pathology lab.

CEDP trust has helped many deserving people, trained them and then helped them in finding a suitable job by virtue of which they could live a decent life with dignity and could be in a position to help their family members as well.

Dream Big Work Hard and Success Will be Yours!

I, Priya Vishwakaram, belong to a family who once could not even afford to have 2 meals a day. To add to our woes my father who was a sole financial provider my home was suddenly bedridden due to paralysis. We were too young to step out and start working. I really salute my mother because even in such dire situation, she did not deter and toiled for our education. One day when I went to the Church for my mass, where Father introduced me to an Education Counsellor from an NGO called CEDP Trust.

This counsellor introduced us to various courses being provided by CEDP Trust like Automobile, Nursing, General Duty Assistant (GDA), Hotel Management and Medical Lab Technician. I always dreamed to be a doctor because of my dad’s illness. The helplessness motivated me to become a doctor but people around me always told me that dreaming big is sin as we are poor & unblessed. But my elder brother who used to work in day and study in night always motivated me and told me that our day will come. When I told him about this opportunity the CEDP Trust was providing for underprivileged children like us, he was very excited and took me to the centre in Mulund for further enquiry.

When the counsellor guided me the difference between the role of a Doctor and a Nurse, immediately I realized I actually wanted to be Nurse, because it is my passion to take care of elderly and fragile and interact with them throughout their treatment. I am a great listener, caring, sympathizer and hate to judge people. For me every patient is equal and I always try cheer them up because I believe kind gestures and prayers can be a great help to the healing process. I am really proud of myself because I’ve struggled to go day by day to reach where I am today. I am fiercely independent and in a position to feed my family. I genuinely thank Almighty for sending CEDP Trust’s Counsellor during my testing time and giving me ‘life turning opportunity.’

The duration of ‘Nursing Course’ was of 16 months wherein 4 months I did my theory and post that I was posted by the Trust in ‘Adhaar Hospital’ near my home for my ‘On-Job-Training.’ I was paid 1 thousand as stipend and at the same time I learned a ton in my internship. After successful completion of my OJT, I am now permanently placed in Adhaar Hospital by CEDP Trust. I feel blessed to be the part of CEDP Trust because a course where students pay in lakhs, I got it for free. Yes, you read it right.

Considering my weak financial background and my passion to become a nurse was a decisive factor for them. I genuinely thanks to CEDP Family for believing in us and starting such noble institution that empowers the underprivileged youth. I request all the youth don’t let lack of money discourage you, dream big, prove your ambition and CEDP Trust will make your career.

Vocational Courses and Support Toward an Underprivileged Youth

With the guidance and support from CEDP Trust in form of vocational training Sagar Kadu, son of a farmer, is now in a position to shoulder the responsibility of his family and ease the burden of his father.

The situation of farmers is not hidden from us. Farmer’s suicide, failure of crop, and calamities both natural and manmade are among the several reasons that they are facing tough situations. In such a scenario, how can they manage the day to day activities and family responsibilities?

Sagar Kadu, the son of one such farmer has to give up his education so that he can do petty jobs and earn, to support his father in fulfilling the family obligations.

His aspiration was high but the amount which he used to earn was not sufficient enough to support the family expenses and education of his younger siblings. Though Sagar discontinued his education, he wanted his younger brother and sister to continue their studies. He realized that his village will not give him opportunity to earn through a stabilized and decent job, as his village is situated in the interiors of Maharashtra with very little development.

He started looking out for good earning options, but could not find one. One of his friends briefed him about the role and importance of skilled workers. He briefed him about the Centre for Education and Development Programmes (CEDP Skill institute) and how a course in vocation can come handy.

In the quest to change the situation of his and his family for good, he decided to try for the vocational course at CEDP. He explained the scenario to the counselor at CEDP, who shortlisted few course based on his interest and capability.

He opted to go for the course of automobile technician. With the financial crunch he and his family were going through, CEDP Skill Institute sponsored his education through their Trust (CEDP NGO). The aim of CEDP Trust is to offer a vocational platform to the weaker section of the society to become economically independent.

His coaching in automobile mechanics and On-Job-Training gave him a better future prospect. Sensing it as an opportunity Sagar Kadu took keen interest in the syllabus and upgraded himself from a lay worker to a skilled automobile technician.

He is done with his theory and now is working as a trainee at a motor service Centre in Kasara, as on the job training. He is earning a stipend which is much more than what he used to earn while working in his village.

He is more than happy that he is able to send a substantial amount to his family. He is quite optimistic that by the virtue of this course and experience gained over a period of time, he will be in a position to do something better for himself in the near future.

Inspiring Story of Farmer’s Son

Hello Everyone! My name is Kailash Shelake and I belong to a family where the main source of livelihood is agriculture. My farmland lies in the most drought prone district of Maharashtra and by now you must have guessed well about our financial condition. My journey, from a farming occupation of an indigent home in a small village in Maharashtra, to Service Technician in Toyota Showroom, should inspire each one of you who thinks lack of money is a major roadblock for success. Frankly my dream didn’t go beyond managing the farm but I was not satisfied with my life may be because I am more inclined towards automobiles.

But for a person who doesn’t even own a bicycle, dreaming about owning a four-wheeler was too much to even acknowledge in dreams. However, fate had some other plans for me. A group of counsellors from NGO – CEDP Trust visited my village and took seminars and counselling. I and my friends gathered at our school ground and were very curious to attend this seminar because they said it will change our lives and future.

The counsellor introduced us to various courses being provided by CEDP Trust – Automobile, Nursing, General Duty Assistant (GDA), Hotel Management and Medical Lab Technician. The moment I heard automobile course, I couldn’t resist for further enquiry. I took my father along for counselling, we expressed our tough financial situation back home. They carefully and patiently listened to us and ensured assistance for my course. I enrolled my name for the automobile course. After completing my 6 months of theory, I underwent 6 months of ‘On-Job-Training’ at Bajaj Auto. Here I got to know how to fix gear box, clutches, tyres, brakes of two wheelers and three wheelers. I can now take 1 service and 2 service of 2 and 3 wheelers on my own. I am trained in fixing technical issues, fit new auto parts and proficiently clear technical doubts of the customer.

Now that I have completed my ‘On-the-job’ training, they placed me at ‘Tata Motors’ permanently as a technician. I am highly grateful to CEDP Trust for training, grooming and polishing my English speaking ability because these all helped me cracking interview with confidence. My dream was to set up my own garage in future and due to CEDP Trust I feel I can achieve this dream as well. I and my family felt gratitude for every sort of assistance CEDP Trust provided me throughout my course.